2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Service Information USB

Product Id: 81-370-17051-SUSB
  • Product Dimensions: 0,2500 in x 2,5000 in x 3,7500 in
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Product Description

The disc/USB contains the most current data available at the time of publication and will not contain future updates. The data is provided on an "AS IS" basis without warranties of any kind. The disc/USB may not perform on all operating systems.

The USB requires use of a full PC-based version of Windows running an Intel or AMD x86 or x64 processor. It may not work on ARM tablets or Chromebooks.

This USB is NOT compatible with MAC operating systems and is only compatible with Windows. Only Windows operating systems and most modern browsers are supported. This comprehensive service information provides the resource that the professional technician needs to diagnose/troubleshoot, maintain, service, and repair the specified vehicle. A complete working knowledge of the vehicle, system and/or components is written in straightforward language with illustrations, diagrams and charts. The information is specific to a vehicle(s) and includes: Repair procedures that highlight step-by-step removal and installation instructions for vehicle components and include line art drawings to aid in component service. Diagnostic procedures to aid in the diagnosis of electrical and mechanical systems, DTCs, and symptom-based concerns IT DOES NOT CONTAIN THE TRADITIONAL WIRING DIAGRAM INFORMATION. It does contain the wiring information relevant to a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) in the diagnostic procedure for the specific DTC.